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Family Day

Yesterday our family headed for the Lake Michigan coastline to cool down (we've had "excessive heat warnings" for days now) and yesterday was no exception. We had planned on using a Groupon to go bowling but they are closed for maintenance until the end of the month (it was nice of them to put that on their Website so I knew that before we loaded the kids up and headed over there).

Anyway, it worked out. We had a nice lunch at a new place in town (delicious food and great service, btw) and then headed to Point Beach for a swim (it was a good 10° cooler and windy). The boys had a great time. Matthew and I enjoyed lounging about talking and reading. And Katie slept great last night.

Looking good, Keen-Bean!

Enoch running along the beach (that really is a happy face).

Isen running through the water.

Katie is getting tired.

A great day!

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