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Seafood Paella

A few weeks ago my youngest and I were watching cooking on public television – which just happens to be one of Keenen’s favorite things to do (I have taught him well!) – and we watched Eric Ripert make his Seafood Paella. Keenen tells me he wants to make it and who am I to complain, especially…

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Comfort, as only God can

As many of my close friends know, things have been stressful in our household for sometime now – for me in particular (or maybe I just don't deal as well with it as I would like). For many, many months I have been fighting, crying and threatening God (yes, I am that childish/sinful/stupid at times) …

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Our Adoption

Our adoption is back on track finally after many months on hiatus. As many of you know we were originally working on an international adoption from Ethiopia. That is no longer the case (for many reasons). We looked into other countries and into standard domestic adoptions but didn't feel that is whe…

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