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Three Handsome Little Men

Keenen's first day of four year old preschool at Angels of Hope Preschool.

Enoch's first day of first grade at Green Bay Trinity.

Isen's first day of third grade at Green Bay Trinity.

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A Cold Day for a Game

Here's Hoping

I seem to go in spurts with this blog...one week I do really well and then three weeks (okay a few months) later I realize that I miss writing or posting silly things here and I start up again. Well, here I am trying *again* at this blog. 

Things are still where they were when we left off. Life, al…

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Picture of the Week: Avoiding the Heat

This picture is from the beginning of August when it was so hot you couldn't do anything but sit in the pool. 

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School Starts Soon

Today the buses where running past our bedroom window at 7:30am. Not cool! So, very, not cool!

It was a very rude reminder that school starts on Wednesday. I have so much to do before then. I have to finish getting the boys school bags packed and ready. I have to find all the lunch bags, I have art…

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Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables

HT: NYT & Mark Bittman

WHAT will it take to get Americans to change our eating habits? The need is indisputable, since heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all in large part caused by the Standard American Diet. (Yes, it’s SAD.)

Though experts increasingly recommend a diet high in plants and l…

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Picture of the Week: My Baby's Footprint

For Fun Thursday

Rembrandt, The Three Crosses, etching, 1653, state III of V

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My Backyard...Someday

Picked this book up at the Green Bay Botanical Garden the other week. Read through it in five days and I am already making plans to make this a reality (complete with miniature goats...someday).

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Family Day

Yesterday our family headed for the Lake Michigan coastline to cool down (we've had "excessive heat warnings" for days now) and yesterday was no exception. We had planned on using a Groupon to go bowling but they are closed for maintenance until the end of the month (it was nice of them to put that …

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Picture of the Week: Isaiah

For Fun Thursday


HT: The High Mid Life.

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No-Fail Pasta

More food offerings from Forkful.

My go-to-quick-in-a-hurry-no-time-to-cook meal is always a throw together pasta dish. It is really easy and tastes great every time. To make:

  1. take one or two of your favorite vegetables;
  2. toss with olive oil, minced garlic and salt and pepper;
  3. let rest while you coo…

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Welcome to God's Family!

This weekend I was blessed by God with the privilege to witness the baptism of my nephew (and godson), Isaiah William. What an amazing event! With all the struggles in our family life right now it was such an amazing opportunity to see the mercy and grace of our God being poured out first hand. It w…

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Weekend Finds: "Bait and Switching" Jesus

HT: The Pastor's Study

My secretary told me something that astounded me today...they actually make ice cream treats for dogs.  Little 'Rascal' had to take some medicine, so she bought ice cream treats--made especially for dogs--and she put Rascal's medicine into the ice cream and (wouldn't you kno…

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Picture of the Week: Best Buds

For Fun Thursday

Fresh from the Farmer's Market: Individual Rustic Tarts

The latest food offerings from me via Forkful of News.

I picked up some plums, peaches, blueberries, strawberries and figs at the Farmer's Market on Saturday so that I could make these beauties for the numerous birthday boys we had in our family over the 4th of July weekend (my 4 year old, my fath…

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Lately it has felt as if God is out to punish me and my family. It seems as if nothing in our life is going well. In the past year and half...

  • We have struggled to make ends meet because of budget cuts at my husband's job and now utilize the local food pantry to supplement our meal budget (ironical…

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How Satan Took Down The First Preacher...

While I am sure this post will cause me grief in the near future I am posting it anyway for those that don't know what to do for the Pastor and his family, particularly his wife. As you may or may not know, it is not easy being the wife of the pastor. There are few times (if any) that this position …

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