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School Starts Soon

Today the buses where running past our bedroom window at 7:30am. Not cool! So, very, not cool!

It was a very rude reminder that school starts on Wednesday. I have so much to do before then. I have to finish getting the boys school bags packed and ready. I have to find all the lunch bags, I have art lessons to finish, I have to clean the preschool (my second job), I really, really have to get caught up on laundry (and I mean really have to...it is a disaster area down there), then there is the never ending task of pre-packing for a move that will hopefully happen soon, and on top of it all, I have to pack for our end of summer vacation. Clearly my husband and I were not thinking the logistics through when we planned this vacation last spring. It is like my sister-in-law said, "the amount of extra work required to be able to take a vacation seems counterproductive, somehow."

My list is a good foot long. There are the tents, sleeping bags, pillows, food, cooking equipment, bikes, the dog and all the stuff she requires, swimsuits and the list just seems to go on and on. Then comes the tricky part that we didn't think through (yes, that is a theme to all our vacations) how do we get all this stuff in our van and still leave room for the kids? We don't have a bike rack, trailer, much less a hitch to attach them to. Plus we have a black lab. Her stuff alone takes up half the van. Luckily, my step-dad is uber-awesome and is letting us take his pick-up truck on our trip.

Thank God for wonderful family! Now back to packing....wish me luck.

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