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Here's Hoping

I seem to go in spurts with this blog...one week I do really well and then three weeks (okay a few months) later I realize that I miss writing or posting silly things here and I start up again. Well, here I am trying *again* at this blog. 

Things are still where they were when we left off. Life, al…

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School Starts Soon

Today the buses where running past our bedroom window at 7:30am. Not cool! So, very, not cool!

It was a very rude reminder that school starts on Wednesday. I have so much to do before then. I have to finish getting the boys school bags packed and ready. I have to find all the lunch bags, I have art…

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Lately it has felt as if God is out to punish me and my family. It seems as if nothing in our life is going well. In the past year and half...

  • We have struggled to make ends meet because of budget cuts at my husband's job and now utilize the local food pantry to supplement our meal budget (ironical…

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Comfort, as only God can

As many of my close friends know, things have been stressful in our household for sometime now – for me in particular (or maybe I just don't deal as well with it as I would like). For many, many months I have been fighting, crying and threatening God (yes, I am that childish/sinful/stupid at times) …

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