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No-Fail Pasta

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My go-to-quick-in-a-hurry-no-time-to-cook meal is always a throw together pasta dish. It is really easy and tastes great every time. To make:

  1. take one or two of your favorite vegetables;
  2. toss with olive oil, minced garlic and salt and pepper;
  3. let rest while you cook the pasta and optional meat;
  4. chop, shred or slice meat and toss with other ingredients;
  5. toss pasta with the other ingredients;
  6. top with your choice of cheese.

My all time favorite is tomatoes with basil, grilled chicken and Parmigiano-Reggiano. However, the other night I made tomatoes with grilled andouille sausage from the local meat market topped off with Pecorino Romano from my cheesemonger. Take a shot at your own creations and then, please share your favorites (because I am always looking for new ideas)!

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